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23 May 2005

Science News: Time Travel News: Forget Using A Wormhole

Alas, wormholes aren't what they used to be.

The BBC, in a story referencing Farscape, Stargate, Star Trek and Doctor Who, says that notion of time travel down the tube is, well, perhaps full of holes.

It seems to be an architecural problem stemming from the need to prop open the throats (should that be mouths?) at either end with the non-specifically named "exotic matter."

A real quote from this story:
"We aren't saying you can't build a wormhole. But the ones you would like to build - the predictable ones where you can say Mr Spock will land in New York at 2pm on this day - those look like they will fall apart," Dr Hsu said.
As far as simply heading over to Sirius B for a cup of Starbucks... well, the story is silent on that.

Read the Beeb Here.

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