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15 July 2005

Airline News & Picture Site Launched:

Airline Logo border=We have just cracked the doors on our new everything airline portal site,

We are just getting started so bear with us while we get the walls up and some paint on the place. In the meantime, get yourself signed up (it's free) and ready to discuss all things airline, post your pictures (if you own them), and follow the news of the world's greatest and most challenging business - airlines!

The forum is now open and we will soon have a photo gallery that you can view and post your own airline and airport pictures to without a supreme court telling you if your work is good enough or not.

The names and categories in our forums are just a starting point. Want another forum added? Please use the "Feedback" link to tell us and we will do our best.

Our success will depend on creating a community of folks that love the airline industry and feel at home here. Tell us what we can do better and if you can help out, let us know too.

If you can, please link to us (see instructions on the site's homepage) and tell your friends.

Donations are much needed as well.

Clear skies to you all,

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