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29 August 2006

NTSB To FAA: Urgent GE CF6-80A Jet Engine Fixes Recommended

The NTSB has once again whipped the FAA in public for moving too slow on issues the Safety Board feels are urgent. You may recall the incident in June, 2006, when the high-pressure turbine (HPT) stage 1 disk left the building like Elvis during a run-up at LAX while hanging under an American Airlines Boeing B-767.

According to the NTSB "Debris from the failed engine punctured the airplane's left and right wing fuel tanks; leaking fuel ignited and damaged the wing and fuselage. Pieces of the ruptured disk also penetrated the fuselage and the right engine, and another, found about 2,500 feet from the airplane against an airport perimeter fence, had crossed two active runways and taxiways." I hate it when that happens.

None of the three people working nearby were hurt and the FAA has issued an AD. But the NTSB thinks that is too little and too slow. Read the whole sober report at the link below.

NTSB To FAA: Urgent GE CF6-80A Engine Fixes Needed

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