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29 August 2006

Update On The Crash Of Comair Flight 5191 - Video News

As promised, we've got our network-quality tv news coverage running on the tragic crash of Comair Flight 5191. In preparing the reporting we've noticed a discrepancy in the reporting of the accident aircraft's model number. Some members of the press and the FAA are calling it a CRJ-100. The NTSB's website says it was a CRJ-200.

There are references and details in the body of the initial report. Be sure to scroll down all the way on the item with the video. At the top of the story you'll see the standard tv news item. At the bottom we've included the NTSB factual briefing video as well.

We now also know the lights were off on the take off runway. The co-pilot, who has so far survived, was apparently flying the airplane when the accident occurred.

Update On The Crash Of Comair Flight 5191 - Video News

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