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10 June 2009

Airline Ryanair Serious About Pay To Pee Scheme

That's right, the empty vessel at the head of Ryanair, Michael O'Leary has told the Guardian (and more than a few others) that he is absolutely serious about charging his passengers for a bit of sanitary relief. It is a Pay To Piss scheme and from this writer's vantage point, it ought to be flushed down the bog along with O'Leary's tenure at the airline.

It takes a special kind of selfish, greedy, heartless and unconscious, uh, person, to even seriously consider such a plan, let alone take steps to implement it. Or is it all publicity stunt? If so, the electrons allocated here were suckered in.

But I think not. He claims to have had Boeing working on several aspects of this ranging from how to process payments for the poop to changes in interior seating if you pull some of the heads (bogs, toilets, water closets) out. Yes, he has gleefully pointed out that if you pull toilets you can fit more seats.

Dibs on bringing the first bog roll on board the first converted pay toilet plane with his portrait imprinted on each sheet!

Bog Roll = Toilet Paper

Oh what a world, eh?

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