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05 June 2009

Aviation Advertising? Save Money With Stock Photography

In these difficult economic times it is especially important for businesses large and small to save money in every department, and that includes marketing and advertising. This often means that budgets for advertising photography shoots are slashed despite the need to create beautiful websites and slick brochures. And you've got to exhibit and make sales at the Paris Air Show, Farnborough, Oshkosh, NBAA or HAI, right?

So what is an aerospace marketing executive to do? Have you ever tried stock photography?

Royalty free stock photos are the way to go for many reasons. First, they are cheaper than commissioned commercial photography shoots. Next, they are already in the can - you know what you are getting and not hoping the weather holds for your aerial photo shoot.

They are also easy to use with online search based on aircraft type, action, mission, and other keywords.

Find military stock photos, aerial stock photography and that perfect airport stock photo at

Here are some stunning examples:

picture of passenger's view of clouds on jet

boeing b-747 photo LAX airport picture

f-22 raptor picture

rq-1 mq-1 predator uav drone picture

aircraft carrier stock photo

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