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16 June 2009

Qatar Airways Warns Boeing Over 787 Delays

London-based Flight International is reporting that Qatar Airways has publicly warned Boeing that 787 program delays and the aerospace giant's handling of the airline's concerns are putting their important commercial relationship in serious jeopardy.

The magazine quotes the airline's chief executive Akbar Al Bake as saying, "We at Qatar Airways have some serious issues with Boeing and if they do not play ball with us they will be in for a very, very serious surprise if we do not settle the issues on the 787."

On the overall direction of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Al Bake states, "...Unfortunately Boeing is not run by commercially minded people, it is being run by bean counters and lawyers and if they continue this way they will give an even bigger advantage to Airbus," according to Flight International.

Frankly, the response from Boeing also published by Flight only supports the allegation of a soulless mega corporation, "...We are working closely with each of our customers and we are confident of the value this airplane will bring to airlines and passengers around the world."

How about something like We value Qatar Airways like all of our customers and very much care about their concerns?

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