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15 June 2009

US Airways Hudson Crash Customers Dunked By AIG

The New York Times is reporting that passengers aboard US Airways Flight 1549, the Airbus that crashed in the Hudson River, are getting soaked again, so to speak, by the airline's insurance firm, AIG (American International Group). Yes, the same AIG that has been drinking from the teat of the American taxpayer.

Apparently hiding behind a contractual loophole (the absence of a finding of liability due to negligence), AIG has thus far, according to the Times, failed to do what is right. Instead they have been playing hardball with the folks who had already endured the trauma of a Hudson River water landing in a decidedly un-seaplane-like Airbus.

It should be noted that the airline itself, without legal obligation, immediately paid each passenger $5,000.00 for short term needs.

On the other hand, perhaps another yet tangential example of the "core values" behind AIG is illustrated by the trial underway of former Chief Executive Maurice "Hank" Greenburg. He is accused of improperly taking some $4.3 billion. Just writing about those people makes me feel like I should take a shower.

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