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12 October 2006

V-22 Osprey Video Uploaded

We've just uploaded our first video to "ThatTube" place. It is the preview of our exclusive, hour long video on the origins of the V-22 Osprey, Tiltrotor and The Future. This amazing technology has both military and civil airline and corporate aviation applications.

Watch the preview just below:

See the whole 60 minute video at this link:

V-22 Osprey Video

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11 October 2006

Plane Belonging to New York Yankees Pitcher Cory Lidle Crashes Into Building in New York City

Details are very sketchy at the moment but what is known is that a light plane has hit a building on the upper East Side of New York City.

According to the AP, the plane was owned by New York Yankees Pitcher Cory Lidle. The wire service says he was on the plane and that 4 people are known to be dead, but it is not known if Lidle is among those killed in the crash. We have the video from the Associated Press network feed at the link below.

Plane Belonging to New York Yankees Pitcher Cory Lidle Crashes

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