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04 October 2011

HTC Phone Security Hole!

HTC cell phonePublished reports claim that recent updates to some of the HTC cell phone line have created serious security holes.

The reports claim the phones, which run the Android operating system, thanks to HTC-produced updates, now log a very large amount of the user's information, including GPS data, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and text messages. This data, say the reports, can possibly be tapped by so-called rogue apps.

The reports claim users of the HTC EVO and HTC Thunderbolt should pay careful attention.

One of the qualities of the Android operating system is its Android App Store ecosystem is much less controlled than the Apple iPhone and iPad App Store. As a result, more rogue (dangerous - perhaps with malware) applications have troubled Android phone users. That's not to say there have been no rogue apps in the Apple world, just fewer. Android phone users should be careful, like all cell phone users!

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