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16 January 2013

Boeing 747 HD Video

Watch it in HD! presents episode 2 of our new series of Hot Pics of amazing airplanes, helicopters, spacecraft and other things that fly. This HD video features the legendary Boeing 747 [747-100, 747-200 and 747-400]

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This 747 video features images both beautiful and historic. We shot N93119 which tragically later became notorious as the accident aircraft of TWA Flight 800. There is also N174UA, which landed gear up, nearly brand new, at LAX. There are images also captured aboard the 1000th 747 on its delivery flight to Singapore Airlines, and a cockpit shot of the landing at Kimpo as Asiana takes delivery of its very first 747. Other moments include a Cathay Pacific 747 going past the checkerboard and in the cockpit for landing at now-closed, Kai Tak, and some stunning images of Korean Air and Japan Air Lines (JAL).

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