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27 January 2012

Sprint Website Redirecting [Updated]

Well, this is interesting. While the person who spoke to me yesterday wrote Sprint after we talked asking for support on their perception of the issue, as I write this update they are still without a response. However, I'm guessing you are reading this post because you are wondering too if the Sprint website was hacked, yes?

Perhaps the Sprint website was redirecting you? I can tell you my normally pretty quiet little blog saw a surge of traffic overnight and today for folks searching for these terms:

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Soooo, clearly something is up. Either good folks like you are infected with malware or some redirection of users of the website is taking place for some reason.

The odds though are increasing that the Sprint website got hacked. Not concrete proof yet, of course, but there ya go.

I may be wrong but I think I was the first to report this issue. Those of you coming here to read the post because you experienced the issue, please take a moment to comment and share your experience. None of you have so far. You don't have to use your real name (unless Blogger somehow forces you - if that makes you uncomfortable, I understand why you don't want to comment.) But unless people share their experience it will be more difficult to figure out exactly what happened.

No matter what, please be careful!

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