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26 January 2012

Was The Sprint Website Hacked? Possible Redirect Code

Just got off a call with someone who was concerned because when they went to the website about a half an hour ago, they were getting redirected, nearly instantly, to a url on the domain - a known source of malware-related trouble. They were using a Google Chromebook at that time. I poked around the 'net a bit and found references to other sites with redirect code to that domain placed in the source code of their pages using various techniques, including javascript. Thus I suspected the Sprint site was to blame.

 Of course, their Chromebook could also be infected with malware. So I had them try again using an Apple iPad. Same result, nearly instantly. Different OS, different device, different browser... unless the redirects are coming from their ISP this sure sounds like it must be a hack of the Sprint website. Yet I can't find anyone else posting anything about it. That too is very odd.
So, be very careful and be sure you keep your OS and security software up to date.

If you have experienced these redirects on the website please leave a comment below. No spam please, it will get deleted and reported.

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