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03 August 2009

Pet Business Advertising

Oh these are interesting times for everyone trying to operate a small business, let alone a pet business.

Most folks are looking for an ideal way to cost-effectively boost marketing and promotion efforts, with limited resources. Or are you one of the few with unlimited resources? Yah, didn't think so. Me either. Where is that long lost and non-too healthy very rich uncle who put me in his will?

Well the pack at have several options in the Pet Business Advertising realm.

What kind of dog business have you got and what type of marketing support do you need? Pet grooming advertising promotions, free pet groomer advertising, pet sitter advertising, advertise dog sitting service, advertise dog sitting, organic dog food, natural pet treats, a veterinary clinic, internet marketing, search engine marketing, online marketing, website marketing, dog advertising, or say, mobile dog grooming? Some list, yes? Yes.

In these challenging times it is very important that every marketing
dollar perform. They understand that, which is why advertising online with makes so much sense.

See when you run banner ads on their website (starting at just $750.00 for
30,000 displays of your ad), you get your advertisement (banner) shown
to their readers all 30,000 times!

It is not dependent on time like an edition of a traditional magazine.
It is about the number of displays. You start with some number (like
30,000) and their ad "server" shows your ad and subtracts from your total
until they are gone - or you renew because it worked so well!

They also provide you a way to login, see your daily statistics (how many
displays and clicks) or they can have them e-mailed to you at daily
intervals. No magazine sold in stores or sent through the mail can offer
that level of auditing and detail.

Amazingly enough they even allow you to change your ads during your campaign so you can test and tweak to achieve the best results. Once you send the artwork to
a normal magazine - that's it - it is gone.

Also, the banners can be geo-targeted, which in English means if you only want them to show to Seattle folks (or any city), or to a specific area code, they can do that for you too!

There is another option that will bring benefits of a different kind all year long:

The supplier directory is an ideal way to cost-effectively boost your marketing and promotion efforts.

The benefits are:

1) Having a listing that is optimized for your business keywords that
will actually "rank" and get you found by customers searching the major
search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN (now called

2) Links from that listing to your site that will send you eager customers.

Reality check time: what rank do the listings in the directory have today?

DISCLAIMER: This changes every day so results when you look will no doubt be very different.

Keyword example 1: pet portrait photographer los angeles

Out of over one million three hundred thousand results, the directory
listing on DogExplorer is number 3 on Google of all natural results (non-ads on
the side or top of the page or local map listings).

That is an outstanding result.

Keyword example 2: pet portrait artist oregon

On Google, from the one hundred sixty-seven thousand results DogExplorer's
directory listing is number 2!

Keyword example 3: Camarillo mobile dog grooming

With over five thousand results DogExplorer's page is number 4 on Google of all natural results (non-ads on the side or top of the page or local map listings).

That sure is not hype - results month after month after month. And for a fraction of
what it costs to advertise in most other media, especially Yellow pages,
which few people read these days.

You search for goods and services online, yes? Your sure customers do. So to get
found and keep your business going get listed in their credible and
powerful directory today.

Just visit this link and purchase an annual listing for an unbelievable cost of less than $40/month - which includes up to 100 words - a really great deal:

Dog Supplier Directory Advertising Listing Purchase.

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